Unlimited fast internet beamed from the mountains straight to your home

We believe in the founding principles of the internet. We believe in truly unlimited data, and that your internet connection should not discriminate based on the apps that you use. We strive to reach the most rural locations with connection speeds you'd find in major cities.

An icon of a hare
High Speed
27 Per month Setup cost €75*

Excellent for emails, shopping, and streaming movies

25 mbps download

10 mbps upload

Unlimited data use

For residential customers

An icon of a lynx
Super Speed
39 Per month Setup cost €75*

Excellent for HD streaming, downloading, and gaming

50 mbps download

15 mbps upload

Unlimited data use

For residential customers

Launch offer An icon of a peregrine falcon
Ultra Speed
45 49 Per month Setup cost €75*

Perfect for multiple users or heavy use.
Do more on more devices
at the same time

100 mbps download

30 mbps upload

Unlimited data use

For residential customers

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Conditions of service

Coverage area?

Our service is only available within our coverage area. You will also need a clear view of our broadcast pint, unobstructed by terrain and vegetation.

If you live outside our coverage area we want to hear from you too! Use our coverage checker and enter your information. We will come to you as soon as there is enough demand. Encourage your neighbours to register too and we will be there even sooner!

*Setup fee

Did you notice the little astrix next to the setup fee? Well, there is a reason for this: no two locations are the same. While we expect to serve most customers for this setup fee, sometimes a location poses extra challenges.

In particular, we need a clear line-of-sight to one of our broadcast locations. It may be this is only possible a considerable distance from your house, which means we will need extra time and materials.

Whatever the case, we will always be completely transparent with you regarding the installation options available and any costs involved.

Unlimited data?

We do not believe in limiting your data use. We believe you should be able to use the internet as much as you desire, free from any worry.

For example, mobile internet from other companies may limit you to between 1GB and 30GB per month. With Gardunha Broadband, you are welcome to download 100GB per day should you need.